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Crime Scene Cleanup Seattle opens new offices to provide addition support and help to the communities in need due to crimes and natural death's in Seattle and classifications of suicide, murder, and homicide. Providing crime scene cleanup schooling to our cleaners allows for a higher quality crime scene cleanup in Seattle to be done by our fine workers and volunteers. We hope more people can attend our open house to see Crime Scene Cleanup Seattle show off our skills and give back to the Seattle community that has done so much for us in our years of service to this wonderful city.

Crime Scene Clean Up Seattle is to our knowledge the oldest of blood cleaning services in Seattle Washington for the aftermath of cleaning up blood after a crime scene or death. Historically crime scene cleanup Seattle has been seen in many nationwide newspapers and media outlets and is considered one of the best services for crime scene and blood clean up in the Seattle metro area. When people living in neighborhoods of Seattle need blood cleaned from the scene of a crime or some other incident they call crime scene clean up Seattle. The Centers for Disease Control of C.D.C. as it is better known will consistantly advise people to not touch blood without proper precautions. The reasons why are easy to assertain, the blood is a biohazard and is a pathway to illnesses like Ebola, HIV, and MRSA. When people come in contact with blood they are also coming in contact with thousands or organisms that may wreak havoc on the immune system of a healthy person. Do not worry about these dangers, we are here to help and our cleaners either have extensive training or have undergone certified crime scene cleanup school. When you call on crime scene clean up Seattle we can have responders to the following neighborhoods in less then 30 minutes Ballard, Burien, Greenwood/Phinney, Queen Anne, Georgetown, Capitol Hill, Kirkland, Columbia City, Ravenna, West Seattle, Wallingford, West Bellevue, South Lake Union,Edmonds and Madrona. If you live in any corner of Seattle or city surrounding Seattle we are the people who can help you the fastest.

You came to this website seeking help with blood needing cleaned up, the situation may of been a natural death, a accident or a crime scene needing cleanup in Seattle. With the most educated crime scene cleaners in the Seattle Area we offer services to all neighborhoods in Seattle with people that can perfrom in any events in the city of Seattle. With the very best in technology and safety we can clean your home from any blood stains and remove hazards. You may of seen our name in the Seattle Times News or on the Local News Station, we are the prominent company for even the Police for Crime Scene Clean Up Seattle. We established Crime Scene Clean Up Seattle to help contend with the ever increasing demand in the Seattle Washington area for cleaning hazardous scenes usually related to a death or blood stains from a death. Traditional cleaning companies could not meet the demand and did not have the training of certification necessary to know how to clean up blood. Our family owned business knew the community needed our help and we rose to the occasion by setting up a true 24 hour crime scene cleaning industry right here in Seattle. Although we are a safe city over all, Seattle has over 626,500 residents in the city we had over 100 murders last year that needed cleaned up. Even though the murder rate would be higher then we would want, it is only the tip of the iceberg as far as why the city needed our business. As our billboards around the city show and as anyone who has seen our interviews on the Seattle morning news broadcast knows, we deal with a lot of suicide clean up in Seattle. Suicide rates continue to increase in Seattle and with the suicide comes the blood that will need to be cleaned up. Dealing with this kind of tragedy is difficult for any of us to handle but the blood left behind must be cleaned in a safe manner to allow the property to be safe for others who are entering it. We have the knowledge to perform the blood clean up work that will allow the room to be be safe once again. If you are dealing with a suicide and live in the Seattle area we highly recommend you contact one of our crime scene cleaners right away so they can go over what will have to be done in order to remove the blood stain and human debris using certified crime scene clean up Seattle Rules.

Crime Scene Cleaning Seattle

Another common duty of ours is cleaning up after a natural death, some say we wrote the book on Crime scene cleanup and after death clean up proceedures. Not many people think of a crime scene cleaning business in Seattle WA, for a normal death but you must be aware that even a natural death when unattended can create a very messy situation with many hazards. When a family member passes away we often would like to think that it is in a controlled and safe environment like a hospital or somewhere where we are close by. This is rarely the case though, as more and more of us live further away from our families we have few people available on a daily basis that are checking in on us. After just a few hours rigor mortis sets in and the dead body begins to bloat with gases created from decaying tissue inside the body. This eventually leads to the body bursting at seems and releasing blood onto the property. Blood clean up has to be performed in a safe manner with a unattended death clean up in Seattle just as we would for any other kind of death. This means being aware of how to remove the blood stains and sanitize the property so that infectious diseases are gone and the room is safe.

Do you do cleaning of other kinds of jobs other then death clean up in Seattle or what is called crime scene cleanup?

Yes we sure do, we are often the first company in town people call when they have a sewage back up that they need cleaned up. Any septic sewer cleaning or raw sewage in a home from a pipe bursting is stuff we can clean and remove the odors.

We also are often thought of as the cleaning company to contact first when you are dealing with a hoarder. We have done hundreds of hoarding cleanup jobs in Seattle and understand how to deal with cleaning up from extreme hoarding to minor jobs. Whenever you have a hoarder clean up you know you can count on us.

Another cleaning job often hired for is tear gas clean up, as you can imagine as a crime scene cleaning business we fully understand how tear gas works and know how to remove this substance from your home. If you have a need for tear gas clean up in Seattle Washington we can assist you in a number of different ways.

Seattle Crime Scene Clean up

What is the cost of crime scene clean up in Seattle?

Much more affordable then you would imagine Crime Scene Cleanup Seattle strives to keep costs down for the user. We are a family owned business and try to keep our costs low for any of our customers. If you are interested in a estimate or have any questions about crime scene cleaning, please give us a call at our Seattle Washington offices and locations.

Crime Scene Clean Up Seattle Case Studies and Testimonials

You never know when you would need a company called Crime Scene Clean Up but we did when we moved into our Seattle home with my inlaw and had him pass away in his sleep when we were away on vacation, we came home to a horrible odor and the the loss of a loved one. The blood was everywhere, the scene was gruesome but not a crime, but the dead body had decomposed over 4 days and we needed someone to help clean it up, and crime scene cleanup Seattle was there for us. Thank you, Barb S.

I called 4 companies who said they were in Seattle but all of them needed 3 days to get to me, this is the only Crime Scene Clean Up company in Seattle that has a vehicle at my house in under 2 hours. me and Marge are forever thankful for their help and kindness. Best Wishes. Dan C.

About Us

Get Help From Caring People Who Know What to Do To Clean A Crime Scene or Death. We are a family owned and operated crime scene clean up business. The industry of cleaning up crime scenes is not limited to crime scene, but any kind of death that happens in a community. We have certified and well trained crime scene cleaners throughout the United States, and have base stations with these cleaners throughout the Country in order to provide opportunity to any city in the U.S.A that is requiring expert advise and cleaning up of blood and other organic human material from decomposed human tissue such as that from a unattended death. As a family run business it is important to us to treat your family as we would for our own. We founded this business years ago due to finding many people in our community that had no idea how to properly cleanup after a death, and many were too emotional to begin doing this in the time frame that is important. Right after a death a family has to deal with funeral arrangements, contacting family members, deal with estate lawyers and probate and the last thing they needed to do is perform the act of cleaning up after the death. That's where we come in, but having licensed crime scene clean up available in the area, we were able to be the responders for these situations. As our name brand grew and our recognition for excellent work reach Police officers in communities across the country, we became one of the most contact crime scene clean up businesses to get in touch with after the discovery of a death and are often the recommended company by city officials and law enforcement. We respect your privacy and period of mourning your loss, but getting crime scene cleanup done fast is vital to keeping down the cost. Contact our crime scene cleanup today in your city and we can help answer you additional questions and concerns and have a manager look at your property and provide estimates.

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Our Cleanup Services

Crime Scene Cleanup

We live in a world where there is a crime being committed almost every minute and as gory as it might sound, there are people dying at the same speed.

Suicide Cleanup

A suicide is never easy to handle it is not just the death that is difficult to come to terms with, but also the mess that might have been created.

Blood Cleanup

There are plenty of reasons why someone would look for a company that handles blood cleaning in Seattle.

Homicide Cleanup

A death is always difficult to handle and when it is a homicide, things become even more difficult.

Biohazard Cleanup

Unlike a regular crime scene, when there is hazardous biochemical involved, the cleanup process is much different.

Death Cleanup

A death is never easy to handle and if the death has been one where a lot of blood has been split, it becomes all the more difficult.

TearGas Cleanup

Not a lot of people would know what chlorobenzylidenemalononitrile is, but use it's more common name, tear gas, and several people would have heard of it.


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I want to thank you for all you have done. You and your team did a fabulous job of making my house feel like a home again. I never thought I would ever need services for a crime scene clean up, but the care and compassion shown in a difficult time was phenomenal. Thanks again!

John Smith , Business Consultant

I want to thank you for all you have done. You and your team did a fabulous job of making my house feel like a home again. I never thought I would ever need services for a crime scene clean up, but the care and compassion shown in a difficult time was phenomenal. Thanks again!

Lucy , Business Consultant

I want to thank you for all you have done. You and your team did a fabulous job of making my house feel like a home again. I never thought I would ever need services for a crime scene clean up, but the care and compassion shown in a difficult time was phenomenal. Thanks again!

Jacob , Business Consultant

I want to thank you for all you have done. You and your team did a fabulous job of making my house feel like a home again. I never thought I would ever need services for a crime scene clean up, but the care and compassion shown in a difficult time was phenomenal. Thanks again!

Mike , Business Consultant


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